The Best Electronic Music Parade in Paris Is Mind Blowing

If you a fan of loud music, food and culture, then the Techno Parade is for you. The Techno Parade was created in 1998 by Jack Lang, for all electronic music lovers living in or visiting Paris. The one-day festival attracts more than 350,000 fans who come to participate in the events throughout the streets of Paris. The Techno Parade is a once a year event with floats that are extravagant and colorful. From noon till evening the capital city is decked to host the show as a major cultural, sport and festive event.

Why Fans Love the Parade and Come Back for More

If you are a dance enthusiast and love the beats of electronic music, the Techno Parade offers you a chance to dance through the entire street between Place de la Nation and Bastille. This is by far one of the prime daylight clubbing events that encourages and promotes electronic music. Visitors from all around France come to Paris to be a part of the vibe and vibrancy after parties. 60 amazing DJs perform freestyle during the parade, and the dancers treat the street as one massive club in daylight.

Loud music is played from the 15 different floats with the DJs performing on them. The dancers surround the floats and move towards the heart of the city and then begin a big party before finishing up for the day. There are information guides for people who are interested in being a part of the parade or if they simply want to attend and have a good time.

The techno parade is part of the electronic music week which is celebrated in Paris. There are a series of concerts and shows that are part of the electronic week, and the Techno Parade is the best of the lot. The city’s best nightclubs and food joints showcase their best during the week, to feed and quench the thousands of visitors who attend. A sight to be witnessed for sure, especially, with the bringing together of different cultures to make the event spectacular.

What to Expect from The Techno Parade

Techno Parade Paris in 1998

The best part about the parade is that is free for all to join in and have fun. This is not a ticketed occasion, and everyone is welcome to join in the crowds of people. At the event, don’t expect to be able to sit anywhere, there would be people dancing while following the parade, to different music genres played from the floats. If one of the DJs aren’t playing the kind of music to give you that party vibe, all you need to do is a dance to the next one.

Think of the parade as a marathon where you will get a good workout. Seasoned event attendees suggest that you keep yourself hydrated throughout the event. There is free water provided by a colossal tanker that follows the parade. You can bring your bottle if you choose to. Once the parade is over, you don’t have to, simply head home. Instead, if you walk into one of the nightclubs, you can be sure to carry on the party.