The Best Way to Experience Paris As a Family on New Year’s Day

Spending new year in the city of love is a brilliant idea for families. The magic and mystic that Paris hosts during the long holidays is one of the best experiences a family can get. When it comes to food, drink and art, the capital city tops it all. With entertainment like no other, ringing in the new year in the city is hands down the best experience you will have. If you are expecting to get front row seats to the firework display, this is probably not the best time to do that. However, the magic lies in other experiences, and the city does not disappoint.

Be assured, that the festival season offers much more than what the average day in Paris has to offer. Every venue around the city has something special organised for the holidays. Vendors hand out free samples and tasters to encourage tourists into their warm, welcoming areas. There are interesting activities that are lined up even during the day time for both kids and adults to enjoy. Museums and all the monuments around the city are open on new years day.

For A Bit of Art and Life

Everyone in Paris has a love for the arts. The smallest child to the oldest grand-dad show interest in the theatres and museums in Paris. To live the true Parisian lifestyle, you can opt-in to take a tour around the museums in the city on the last day of the year. Zoos and aquariums are also open on new years day and is a great place to spend some time with the kids. The cold however might dampen your experience at a zoo or an aquarium as most of the animals are moved indoors to beat the winter months.

In the Bois de Boulogne, the fair and zoo is a great place to take kids to and spend time as a family at. There is also a modern museum right next to the fair, so it would be like killing two birds with one stone. Interested in a more active New Years Day? Then a waterpark might be the right place for you to head to. The Aquaboulevard is Paris’ largest water-based park and offers a tonne of activities for kids to enjoy. The surf simulation at the park is the most popular places in the park and a must to visit.

Here We Go Around the Mulberry Busy

Ferris wheels and Carousels are a beautiful way to spend time with kids. Everyone young and old love the tradition and the lights of the carousel. In Paris, there are a few carousels during the holidays. Trocadero, Tour Eiffel, Luxembourg, Sacre Coeur, Hotel de Ville are some of the famous carousels around the city you can pick from. There are skating rinks littered all around the city and the popular ones are at the Hotel de Ville, the Champs-Elysees, Eiffel Tour and Trocadero. Good thing is that all the places are close to the carousels as well.

Ferris wheels are a great place to get to experience a bird’s eye view of Paris and the La Grande Roué de Paris is the best place to experience. This Ferris wheel is up and running only during the winter months, and a New Year’s Day spin around the wheel might be the perfect opportunity to do just that. The sights that you will get to experience from here is simply amazing. Imagine being right above the Champs-Elysees and watching the city from over 200 ft in the air. Breathtaking is what it is.