The Magic of Paris to A Child – Disneyland Paris

Visitors coming to Paris as a family can enjoy Paris, not for just the romance but also to relive childhood favorite entertainment shows. Disneyland in Paris is truly a magic kingdom which is unlike any of the other Disney-themed parks around the world. The Disneyland in Paris is bigger than most of the other Disney parks as well and only slightly smaller than the original one in Florida. The details and unique features of the Paris version are also better than the rest. A child coming to the Disneyland in Paris is in for a magical experience like no other.

Unique Features of Disney in Paris

The smallest details make a big difference. The attention to detail that is showcased at Disneyland Paris is spectacular. One might think that the detailing is bordering on obsessive. The focus and passion that is put into every feature is amazing, even to an adult to experience. The Disneyland experience in other places usually focus on the sets of favourite Disney shows. However, the Paris version offers so much more. The Architecture and decorations are perfect for adults to marvel about. It clearly is a work of art that is created by the European craftsmen.

In the Fantasyland section of Disneyland Paris, the Disney stories are segregated by country. The different workers who put in effort in building Fantasyland are from different regions, and this is seen in the design. Adventureland is another beauty and is designed to look in almost the same template as the others. If you are in Disneyland for the adventure, you will be happy to note that the rides at Disneyland Paris are a little better than the others. And don’t even think of passing up on the food. The food at the Paris Disneyland is the best, and they truly capture Parisian cooking and have blended it well with the Disney franchise.

Getting to The Park and Surviving the Trip

The walk into the park is the most fulfilling experience a child can have. Prepared to be greeted by historic styled shops before you reach the plaza I the central area. The steps here lead you to Sleeping Beauty’s castle, and from then on, visitors can choose to follow their own movie adventure and branch off in different directions. The gorgeous landscapes that surround the rides make up for all the artificial sets that are built in between.

There are packaged deals available for purchase for people who want to make sure they have an organized look around. However, if you want to visit independently, it is easy as well. With scores of guides and information available online, you can make the trip. The packaged deals are cheaper than individually priced tours. Public transport to get to Disneyland Paris from your hotel is also easy. If you stay at the Disney hotels, you can get early access to the park and won’t have to stand in queues as well. Kids and every adult who enters the park are sure to leave with a lot more than just childhood memories relived.