The Unique Culture of The Romantic City of Lights – Paris

The minute anyone says France, the first thing that comes to mind is Paris. However, the capital city is very different from the rest of France in its traditions and offerings. The word culture itself is a French word that describes the unique way of life of the French. From fantastic food, to scandalous stories; the French serve them all with brilliance.

Always Watching

Every Parisian loves the act of people watching. Its not the nosy kind of people watching, but simply observing mindlessly and enjoying the sights. The cafes in Paris are always filled with people, set up in chairs that face the street. Their favourite coffee in a steaming cup set atop rustic tables. The Parisian way of enjoying cafes is what set the culture of meeting and greeting people over a cup of coffee too.

Artistic to The Core

Colours and architecture come together in a magical semblance of art in Paris. Their love for displaying and enjoying an exhibition is set in their very DNA. They bring up their children to have a love for art and museums from the time they are toddlers. No wonder they brought the Le Louvre and the Centre Pompidou to the world of museums. When it comes to artistic structures and paintings, everyone knows of the Mona Lisa and the Tour de Eifel. From time in memorial, the Parisians have shown great passion to art and any talk about art is hot topic in Paris.

Walking the Streets Have A Word

The word “Flanerie” is a French word that describes the act of aimlessly walking the streets of Paris. The city is built around the Eiffel tower and Parisians love to simply walk around. The winding roads and gorgeous boulevards are ones to be experienced on foot. The city that brought the word such avenues to the rest of the world had a purpose behind it. If you visit Paris and want to live the real Parisian experience, then there is much to be covered on your walks around the city.

Rue des Archives, Le Marais,  2012.

The Velib

Parisians love to move around the city on bikes and bicycles. The French introduced the Velib in Paris to keep alive the biking tradition. The Velib is a bicycle sharing system that allows anyone to subscribe to their service and pick up a bike from anywhere. The metros are crowded around the city and the use of motor vehicles can be altogether avoided with their easy to use sharing system. As its very name suggests, the Velo; bike, brings freedom to people wishing to get around the city. Experiencing Paris is very personal, and this system helps with it.

The Strongest Alcohol

Alcohol lovers know that Absinthe is a Switzerland invention in the 18th Century. However, the Parisians are the ones who brought the drink to the world in the 19th century. Artists and writers are serious Absinthe lovers and take the drink seriously, as anyone would with love for wines. Hemingway, Picasso and Oscar Wilde are some of the famous artists who took to drinking Absinthe as their poison of choice. Many countries are now producing their own versions and the Parisians make an activity of it. There are interesting places in the 11th arrondissement that serve its visitors a wide array of absinthes.