Things You Never Knew About Moulin Rouge

Taking a tour around Paris will never be complete without a visit to the Moulin Rouge. More than 700,000 people visit the site every year to live the “Spectacular Spectacular!” life and history of the cabaret which is hundreds of years old, and still manages to awe, its spectators. Located in the 18th district in Paris, it is a proud symbol of the Parisian’s love for splendour and architecture. The story and romance behind the pride of Paris goes deeper than what meets the eye.

Electric Powered from The Start

The colours and magic behind the Moulin Rouge has been maintained since its initial build long time ago. The building was designed by Adolphe Willette with a vision of bringing the best cabaret experience to Paris, and the world. Being an essential part of Paris’s history and romance, Moulin Rouge set the benchmark for cabaret. The building is the first ever electric powered building in Paris that lights up the façade behind the show. The entire Place Blanche lights up like a Christmas tree to welcome guests from the day the building was opened.

The 6-Year Shutdown

The cabaret brought a whole new meaning to scandal in Paris. The promise of never letting the show die, come what may, was broken when a fire destroyed it. In 1915, the building was thoroughly destroyed by fire. While the world countries waged wars against each other, the once spectacular building lay in ruins, with no hope of being brought back to life. However, after the world conflicts came to an end, the cabaret was one of the first to be rebuilt in the year 1921.

The Many Firsts

Moulin Rouge introduced the world to the French Cancan; the still exquisite style in dancing. The dancers hold the record for many accomplishments. On the 125th Year celebration of the Moulin Rouge, the dancers raised their legs 29 times in a 30 second block and secured the Guinness World Record for it. The Féérie solo dancer also did a leg lift 30 times in his 30 second block. The Moulin Rouge has survived the wake of two world wars, fires, and several economy-crippling crises – a feat in itself.

The Movie Was A Huge Demand

When talks about auditions for the movie were in play, every big artist wanted a piece of the pie. The pass-mark of being selected for the movie though was set high. Leonardo Di Caprio, Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger were all considered for the role of Christian. They were all rejected on accounts that they were either too young or couldn’t sing. Even the controversial Courtney Love, wanted the part for Satine, only to be turned away. The legendary Marilyn Mason was set to sing Smells Like Teen Spirit in the movie, however, he was removed entirely from the movie. Some music artists such as the Rolling Stones and Cat Stevens did not give their consent for their songs to be used in the movie.

If Paris is the world’s romance, Moulin Rouge is the emotion. From carrying historical significance to setting the standards of great performance, in the world of dancers and cabaret, the Rouge is an icon. Throughout the years, Moulin Rouge has not lost its traditions and its beauty, has stayed alive. Eras may come and go but the shows at the Moulin Rouge “Will Go On”.