Top 3 Secret Theatre Venues You Must Visit in Paris

There is more to Paris than meets the eye. While there, you will probably hear about all the popular theatres that you must visit. If you are a theatre fanatic, then good news is that there are some theatres are not frequented by the thousands of tourists. While, catching a play in one of the popular theatres is an awesome experience, there is more for the theatre-loving tourist. The true Parisian night life at one of these theatres are an absolutely favourite amongst the locals. The good thing is that there are English subtitles as well.

The Theatre Edouard VII

This theatre was a favourite of the King Edouard the VII. His love for the arts and everything that theatre has to offer prompted the locals to build the theatre in his honour. The theatre was built in the early 1900s and supports the relationship between the English and the French. New shows along with the famous classics play at this theatre. There are several well known artists who have performed at this theatre, such as Orson Welles and Jean Cocteau. Interested in catching favourite comedy plays, then this is the theatre for you.

Theatre De La Gaite-Montparnasse

This theatre is set in the area that is usually frequented by artists. The entire locality buzzes with art and their artistic impressions. Shows at this theatre are popular ones that the theatre fanatics will absolutely adore. With its sensational location and famous plays, this theatre is a place you can visit, to catch some of the famous Parisian nightlife and entertainment. The Montparnasse area where the theatre is located is famous for its restaurants, night life, pubs and cabarets. For tourists who are interested in a night packed with activity in a unique setting, there are a tonne of entertainers flocking the place. Catch a popular play, get a sketch of yourself and dance the night away at Montparnasse. If poetry is your thing, then be awed with some impromptu poetry recitals as well. The theatre was initially built to entertain war personnel during the world war. Despite threats to demolish the place, the theatre survived the war and continues to give every visitor their due entertainment.

Theatre Le Ranelagh

The classic play lover will absolutely enjoy this theatre. Though it is set away from the city, the theatre has seen the likes of Voltaire and Rameau’s attendance. After the French Revolution, the theatre was almost demolished and lay in ruins. However, thanks to an automobile manufacturer, Louis Mors, the site was rebuilt in the year 1894.The Neo-Renaissance style of the theatre is beautiful and speaks volumes about the history of the venue. With some of the best acoustics a theatre can have, this theatre is a great place to visit for the best dance and singing experience. The décor inside is gorgeous with its oak panels and beautiful carvings all around. The historical significance of this theatre puts in on the list of top monuments in Paris.