Top 5 Things to Do in Paris at Night

Paris is a gorgeous city bathed in light with a lively nightlife. While this brilliant town may attract people with its fascinating heritage, top-grade theaters and quaint streets, how does a tourist decide how to spend their nights in this culture-rich city? By reading this article, of course. Here are the top five choices handpicked by local Parisians.

Nightclubs: Where all the Action is

  1. Le Madam

Le Madam sits in one of the classiest parts of Paris. Look for it next to the Champs-Elysées. The atmosphere at this famous nightclub brings you back to the roaring 20s and is full of energy. Young adults pour in from nearby bars to dance the night away. Interested in an after-party? Le Madam After has you covered. There’s usually at least 500 people that stay and party all night. They are open from 11 pm – 5 am.

  1. Le Perchoir: Party on a Rooftop

Party on a Rooftop

Ever desired to spend a night directly under the open sky? Then check out Le Perchoir while you’re in Paris. It’s a rooftop bar with an incredible 360 view of the city. While they don’t serve full meals, you can get appetizers and salads. Either get there before 7 pm or check in online to save your spot, it fills up fast. You won’t get a table unless you get there early either. The bar is closed on Sunday and Monday.

Fancy Fun: Cabaret, Dinner, and Champagne 

  1. Le Moulin Rouge

Le Moulin Rouge

World famous Le Moulin Rouge is an iconic cabaret that’s been around since 1889. Its reputation proceeds itself. The dancers, singers, costumes, French Cancan, special effects and choreographies are stunning. The detail that goes into every performance is apparent.

Although the price of dinner and a show at Le Moulin Rouge is in the higher range, it’s something that everyone should see at least once. The experience is worth it. Make sure and book your tickets in advance because the show regularly sells out. Dress up nice and be prepared to be entertained. Hours are 7 pm – 1 am.

The Calmer Side of Paris

Are you an introvert or someone who prefers quieter activities? In that case, you might prefer to do something more historical and less stimulating. These historical locations are open until midnight. You could go during the day too, but it’s an entirely different experience at night.

  1. Ruins at Arenes de Lutece

Ruins at Arenes de Lutece

Arenes de Lutece contains ancient Roman amphitheater ruins, a leftover trace of Roman heritage. For history lovers, it’s one of the most fascinating things to see in Paris. In the first century, it was the center of gladiator contests and circus acts. The town that once surrounded it was the prosperous “new town” that reached from the Left Bank all the way to the Ice de la Cite. Nowadays, besides the amphitheater, remnants of old thermal baths are there to explore too. There’s a rich history that accompanies the old city and this area of Paris. You won’t regret visiting and learning more about it. You can still visit at dusk.

  1. Eiffel Tower

You can’t go to Paris and not visit the Eiffel Tower. Built by the same man that created the Statue of Liberty, it went up to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. It wasn’t very popular when built in 1889; most people thought it was ugly and wanted it torn down. Yet, they couldn’t touch it for 20 more years yet due to its lease period. By the time the lease was over, technology companies were using it for their transmission equipment, so it stayed.

Six million people come to see the tower each year, so book your tickets in advance if you plan on going upstairs. Looking out over Paris at night is breathtaking. You could even have a romantic sitting in the yards with someone special. The city has much to offer for each of its visitors and won’t disappoint even the most picky of tourists.