Parisian bistro

Top Parisian Bistros to Dine at

Authentic Parisian bistros are all the rage in Paris and when visiting the most romantic city on earth, you must visit one. Paris is known for its cafe culture, which is why most Parisian bistros offer coffees and teas. The local bistros are the perfect spot for grabbing a bite to eat, enjoying a cocktail, or just people watching over a nice meal. Most of bistros offer free WIFI for guests, so whether you’re checking business emails, doing online shopping on Amazon or playing games at Poki or Pokerstarscasino, you can do so while sipping on a latte. Here is a list of the top Parisian bistros to dine at in Paris.

Le Bon Georges

Parisian cuisine
Parisian cuisine

Le Bon Georges is one of the best examples of fine Parisian cuisine. They offer a simple menu with authentic French food. The bistro has a very cozy atmosphere featuring wooden tables and a chalkboard menu. Le Bon Georges focuses on high quality, fresh ingredients, which is what has made them a staple in the community. This place offers a nontraditional menu, and depending on what’s at the market, the menu can vary from day to day. The menu includes classic French cuisine such as fresh soups, salads, steak tartare, and pork belly. Beverages include coffees, teas, wine, and sparkling water.

Auberge Pyrenees Cevennes

Auberge Pyrenees Cevennes is a perfect example of a good old-fashioned neighborhood Parisian bistro, with sausages hanging from huge beams overhead, as well as antlers mounted to the walls. Their menu includes French staples such as duck, lamb, and cassoulet. This bistro is not only famous for their food, but guests rave about their staff, which makes this place a local favorite, however, tourists frequent here as well.

Cafe Constant

Cafe Constant is owned by St. Dominique’s unofficial mayor, Chritian Constant. This casual, no-reservation needed cafe is open all day long and features two dining rooms so that you don’t have to wait long for a seat. Cafe Constant is home of a forever changing menu that offers everything from beef stew and duck to oysters and salmon. The menu is fixated to where you can get an appetizer, main entree and dessert for 36 euros, however, you can always pick and choose a la carte.

Le Trumilou

Le Trumilou, a former truck stop, is ran and operated by a native of Auvergne. Auvergne is an area famous for its beef, cheese, and charcuterie boards. This little bistro is cozy, welcoming and friendly, serving up some of the best Parisian cuisine ever. Le Trumilou prides themselves on being your home away from home. Guests always brag on how dining here is like having dinner at a friend’s house. Their menu includes escargot, duck, lamb, and their very popular tuna tartare. Also, you can find sweet breads, crepes, coffee and wine on their menu. When in Paris, you must dine here, as they give nice portions for a great price.

Cafe des Musees

Homemade ice-cream
Homemade ice-cream

Cafe des Musees, located in the famous area of Le Marais, is a classic Parisian bistro featuring an Art Deco window and tons of wood finishings. Located in a popular tourist area, they do offer outside seating on the terrace to enjoy the fresh air and people watch. This fine bistro has a reputation for having delicious cuisine as well as a warm ambience. Their menu is much different than other bistros in the area, as they focus more on vegetables, which is rare in Parisian dishes. This place is famous for their boeuf bourguignon, as well as the escargot. Desserts include homemade ice cream and fresh made tarts.

Bistrot Marloe

Bistrot Marloe is owned and operated by famous Chef Thomas Boullault. This bistro is a more modern version of your classic Parisian bistro, where their menu includes pork, roast chicken, steak-frites, and beef carpaccio. Guests love the corner location of the bistro, as it is conveniently located and has a great view. Desserts include fresh fruits, apricot pie, as well as meringue pie.

Les Canailles

Les Canailles is a very warm, cozy, and inviting little bistro with friendly staff that are quick with helping translate the menu to tourists. Although tourists frequent the place, this is an everyday favorite for locals. Their menu includes traditional French cuisine with surprise pairings such as scallops fried with truffles, black pudding with apples, and sea bream cooked with blood oranges. Les Canailles prides themselves on the presentation of their food. All of their dishes are prepared with only the finest ingredients and plated very nicely. The bistro has tons of charm, plays soothing music in the background, and is a perfect place for a couple’s date night as well as a group of friends wanting to have a nice dining experience. Tourists who dine here always recommend it to anyone visiting Paris.